Post something typical to Miami

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que bola                                                                                        

not a fan of the paint job, ice backdrop though               

thats a tad warm                                                                      

knock knock gator next door                                                                                     


walking through a typical miami garage and i spotted more than a couple nice cars back to back to back to back….

adding to the long list of miami-dade public library memories

check out the boat name                                                   

leave it for the hialeah cop to have red dice

airport version still better than real food anywhere else

overlooking Biscayne bay

ocean drive car spotting                                                           

because miami natives aren’t the nicest (number 4) downtown    

this is the I95  on the reg                                                                  

I would at least have asked for an iPhone                           

d. wade reaching out to miami community – A Father First 

downtown miami, you see it all here

world famous and miami’s own

guy in orange has a parakeet on his shoulder, the usual

empty space in the parking lot…oh i know lemme park in the fire lane

oh calle ocho – gotta love it                      

Stroller locked to the bike rack, you just never know.           

abuelito on the scooter – still miami driving